A Look At Set Design Trends in 2012

By Kevin Eck 

Newscast Studio has taken a look back at the trends seen in news set design last year. Here are the takeaways:

Curves are out. Straight lines are in. Stations are trending towards a sleeker, more European feel as straight lines are taking over for the sweeping curves that were once the industry standard.


Technology is driving set design. More stations are relying on back lit color-changing LED walls and flat panel screens to add visual interest instead of printed graphics depicting local scenes or station branding.

Texture reflects the market. According to Newscast studio, “designers are working hard to incorporate the ‘feel’ of the city while making the set unique.” Count copper, brushed aluminum and brick among the touches designers add to accomplish this.

The city as a backdrop. With the drop in flat screen prices and the rise in remote camera resolution, more stations are scrapping the bulky rear-projection screens to show live city scenes behind the anchors on smaller footprint flat screens.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.