A Good Samaritan Returned Birmingham Reporter’s Wallet After It Was Stolen During Protest Coverage

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

This week while covering a series of protests over George Floyd‘s death outside Birmingham, Ala., ABC 33-40 reporter Stephen Quinn got hurt and also had his wallet stolen.

“Took a couple blows to my head and my wallet is gone but I’m okay. Thank you to @BhamPolice for your help,” he wrote on Twitter June 1.

A few days later, he got some good news.

A call came into the newsroom from a viewer who located Quinn’s wallet in his neighborhood. He had the wallet and wanted to return it.

“Never doubt there are good people in this world! This is Michael Tripp who found my wallet in his Birmingham neighborhood and returned it Tuesday,” Quinn said. “Thank you, Michael. You are proof there is always more that unites than divides us!”

A great story to round out the tough week for journalists.