97-Year-Old Meets President After WTTG Story About First Field Trip

By Kevin Eck 

After a 97-year-old woman took her very first field trip, FOX owned Washington, D.C. station WTTG did a story that set up her second field trip: a meeting with President Obama.

Vivian Bailey raises money for school kids so they can do what she always wanted to do while she was in school, go on field trips. Recently, she went with the kids on her first field trip ever to The National Museum of American History.

WTTG reporter Bob Barnard did a report on her trip. “I’d love to go to the White House, wouldn’t you?” Bailey told Barnard in the story.

Someone at the White House saw that story and granted her wish. She got a tour of the White House and also got to meet President Obama.

WTTG’s story went viral. FOX said the facebook post reached over 4 million people and the video was watched by 1.2 million. Vice President Biden also tweeted about it.