3 Anchors Quit Casper Station in 5 Days

By Kevin Eck 

Three anchors have exited Casper, Wyoming NBC affiliate KCWY in the span of five days.

First off, Jeff Platt told viewers his last newscast was Friday night. “Tonight I signed off and said goodbye to my News 13 team, family, and most importantly viewers,” Platt wrote on Facebook.

Sunday, Tony Cedrone said goodbye on-air and announced his move on twitter.

And this morning, Amanda del Castillo signed off and talked about her move on Facebook. “Ahaa! Everyone thought I was going to cry… and maybe I did… it’s just the ten pounds of makeup hiding it! Haha. Hope everyone enjoyed Today in Wyoming as much as I have! Thanks again for tuning in!”

We asked KCWY what prompted the exodus. We’ll update when we hear back.