Rockford Anchor Recovers From Serious Accident

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WREX anchor Kristin Crowley is off the air as she recovers from a serious accident in Rockford, Ill.

According to the station, Crowley was on her way to work last week when it happened. She suffered three fractured bones in her right ankle and will get surgery this week.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from the community since my accident. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am to have survived that wreck. I am focused on my recovery so that I can get back to doing what I love, and that’s working at WREX and telling you the stories that matter. I want to also thank my WREX family for their unwavering support through all of this, I could not do this without them. I’ll be back before you know it!,” she said about the outpouring of support she’s received.


Crowley was wearing her seatbelt. It is unclear how long she will be out of work while she recovers.