2 New York News Choppers Hit by Lasers

By Kevin Eck 

News helicopters for New York ABC-owned WABC and NBC-owned WNBC were involved in separate incidents involving lasers last night. Both helicopters stayed at the scene and helped police track down the suspects.

WNBC’s Chopper 4 was heading to Brooklyn when it was hit by a green laser in Prospect Heights. Chopper 4 got the culprits on camera as they were hanging out behind a store, laughing. The suspects also lit up an NYPD helicopter that came to check out the scene. Two people were taken into custody and one was arrested.

WABC’s Newscopter 7 was hit by a laser near Newark airport in New Jersey. The FBI says a suspect is in custody.

Pointing a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime. Civil penalties can go as high as $11,000.