Zucker Thinks We Should “Back Off” Couric & “Give Her A Break”

By Brian 

Jeff Zucker, Katie Couric‘s former boss, thinks some of the scrutiny directed toward her has been “unfair and sexist in tone.”

In a FT.com video interview, Zucker said: “Frankly, I think everybody should just back off, give her a break, and let her do her job, and see how it goes. But I think the amount of attention attended to this has been wholely unfair, and I do think there is a degree of sexism involved.”

Zucker added: “Some of the coverage has just been blatantly unfair.” Also: For some viewers, “it’s probably a little harder to accept her in that role than what’s traditionally been in that role, and that will take time. That takes time to change people’s perceptions and people’s attitudes.”