Your Earth Day news: Contessa Brewer is a Composter

By Chris Ariens 

MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer and her husband bought a patch of earth in upstate New York a few years ago. One day, while making dinner in their Manhattan apartment, Brewer had an epiphany: instead of throwing it down the disposal, take all that biodegradable waste and turn it into a compost pile on the upstate land. She documents her life as a composter with, Mother Nature Network, and what her new waste-not, want-not lifestyle meant to her MSNBC colleagues:

Now, this weekly haul of kitchen scraps from city to country has made me something of a newsroom joke. My coworkers offer me their leftover lunch to add to my collection. They cringe when Earth Day comes around, afraid I’ll insist on showing off my composting finesse on national television once again (been there, done that).

Meanwhile, the founder of, Rolling Stone keyboardist Chuck Leavell talked with Anderson Cooper about, “Growing a better America.” Video after the jump…