“You Choose, Steve Hartman Reports”

By Brian 

“In another indicator of how far TV news has traveled from the days of Walter Cronkite, CBS Friday night unveils ‘You Choose, Steve Hartman Reports’ on the ‘CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer,'”‘ Jim Sullivan writes in the Christian Science Monitor. (Is it really any worse than throwing a dart at a map?)

Anyway, “last Friday, viewers were given three story choices: Do-It-Yourself Funerals, The Jerk-o-Meter, and The Smallest Town in America. Viewers had until Monday at 2 p.m. to vote; the winner will air Friday night.”

They chose Do-it-Yourself Funerals. This experiment will continue: “Every Friday we’ll present three story pitches and you get to vote for the story you think sounds most interesting,” CBSNews.com says…