Writer Proposes TV News Embargo on Interviewing Trump

By Mark Joyella 

What would cable news look like without Donald Trump? Writing in The Atlantic, Ron Fournier argues a blanket boycott on interviewing Trump–or paying his surrogates to appear on cable news panels–would force Trump to release the tax returns he has so far refused to release:

The media is nothing if it can’t hold a presidential candidates accountable—if newsrooms and editorialists can’t force a White House aspirant to keep a promise, uphold precedent, and address suspicions that he’s a tool of Moscow.

Journalism is a joke if we let Donald Trump slide.

An embargo on Trump interviews “would starve Trump’s ego, feed his vast insecurities, and rob him of the biggest crutch in his campaign—free media,” Fournier argues. “It would bend him to the public’s will.”