Would You Rather Be CNN Or FNC?

By Brian 

“I’d rather be in our situation than the other guys,’ ” Jon Klein says in today’s New York Times, referring to Fox News. “We’re on the right side of all those trend lines,” the CNN/U.S. president remarks.

He’d rather be in his situation than FNC’s? “I’d love to see Jon Klein trying to explain that to Jim Walton and Dick Parsons,” a Fox insider remarked today. “‘Hey guys, we’d rather be ranked #22 and fighting off MSNBC than being the number one cable news network with the largest 25-54 audience for four years running…’ With thinking like that, no wonder why Icahn wants to get rid of current management.”

The above chart demonstrates how FNC was ranked #5 in all of basic cable’s primetime last year, while CNN was #22…

> Also: A tipster wonders: “Why does the New York Times spend so much time on CNN’s struggle in second (sometimes third!) place, and zero time on articles about how Fox News continues its dominance?”

> Update: 6:32pm: An FNC spokesperson responds: “Ever since we embarrassed the NY Times and pulled the curtain back on the Alessandra Stanley fiasco, we don’t think we’ll ever get a fair shake from the them.”