“Worse Person” Fires Back at Keith Olbermann

By Chris Ariens 

The Detroit News obtained a letter sent to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann by a man who made his “Worst Persons” list.

George Jackson, president and CEO of the Detroit Economic Growth Corp., made the list for voting to raze the remains of Tiger Stadium. The Tiger Stadium Conservancy had raised only $4 million of the $33 million needed to preserve the park by a March 1 deadline imposed by the City Council. The last Tigers game played there was in 1999.

On Tuesday, Olbermann called Jackson the “primary villain in the scuttling of a deal to preserve Tiger Stadium.”

Jackson wrote, “Your vilification of me might have been entertaining to your viewers, but it was dead wrong. The stadium itself has been deteriorating for 10 years… I have fond memories myself of games I saw there, and I led the effort for the last eight years to find a viable way to preserve the legacy of the site.”

“I notice that you criticize public figures regularly for hypocrisy and for playing fast and loose with the facts. Your segment about me was guilty of both.”

Some consolation – Jackson only got the bronze. You’ll never guess who was the “Worst”…

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