World News Tonight Decision Has Been Made, But Westin’s Not Telling

By Brian 

ABC News chief David Westin says a World News Tonight anchor decision has been made, but he offered no details to Gail Shister.

“It’s in the works…I want to give everybody enough time to understand what it is and get their head around it and feel comfortable,” Westin said.

Then Shister floats a couple options:

“One scenario making the rounds at ABC is that Gibson would be offered the World News job as a courtesy, in recognition of 30 years’ yeoman service.

He would turn it down, however, because he doesn’t want to work beyond the 2008 presidential elections. Also, his wife plans to retire next year and he’s about to become a first-time grandfather.

Another scenario: ABC announces that Gibson will anchor through ’08, with Vargas and Woodruff as his backups and successors. (NBC did a similar deal with Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams more than two years out.)

That succeeds on several levels. It gives Gibson his props and a graceful exit, and allows for more seasoning for Vargas and Woodruff.”