World News Now Anchors Make Play-Doh Coffee Mugs

By Mark Joyella 

It’s been a few months since CNN’s John Berman was forced to create his own morning show mug in a protest (that ultimately got CNN’s Early Start its own “official” branded mugs), but now we can report the TV News love affair with logo mugs has reached a new frontier: Play-Doh.

To celebrate “Play-Doh Day,” ABC World News Now anchors Reena Ninan and Kendis Gibson attempted to create their own fully-functional WNN mugs out of the soft sculpture clay that kids have been grinding into living room rugs for decades.

Ninan’s “WNN”-emblazoned mug was not as crisp and clean looking as the one created by Play-Doh’s own engineers, but as she demonstrated on air, it didn’t leak. It was also called “awesome” by viewers who posted to the show’s Facebook page.


Gibson declined to introduce liquids into his oversized mug, which appeared to read “WORLI.” Making letters out of Play-Doh has never been easy, and “World News Now” runs 12 full letters–perhaps because he just ran out of room?

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