Woodruff/Vargas Was A Good Idea — “But Then Our Entire World Changed”

By Brian 

An ABC Newser responds to the post about David Westin’s “backtracking:”

“What planet does your e-mailer live on? One in which the serious injury to Bob and Elizabeth’s pregnancy don’t appear to be factors. Of course Westin and Vargas touted the new format in December, but then our entire world changed. And we have had to change with it. Westin has done what none of his peers have had to – deal with life and death issues. The battle for the evening news is joined — our competition should be concerned.”

And an e-mailer adds: “The backtracking insider is obviously an unhappy soul. Six months ago, Woodruff/Vargas was a great, progressive idea. But then something happened. Woodruff suffered extraordinary injuries that will take a couple of years to recover from and Vargas made an unconscious decision to expand her family. Golly gee, things change and if you don’t adapt to the change you run into problems like increasing your ratings challenge. Sometimes it takes time to work through the details like people’s contracts, getting buy-in from the key support team, superiors, and others. Neither the broadcast nor the news division live in a vacuum and those that fail to see beyond their small view of the world are destined to live in a shrinking universe.”