Woodruff & Vogt: Ticker #6

By Brian 

> AP:A C-17 medical evacuation plane took off from the U.S. base at Ramstein on Tuesday afternoon carrying the two journalists and 28 U.S. service personnel, including several others hurt in Iraq.” The plane is bound for Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Then they’ll go to the brain injury center of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Doctors in Maryland will try to take Woodruff off a breathing machine.

> Officials are most concerned about Woodruff’s brain swelling, Martha Raddatz said on Larry King Live. “They certainly got some shrapnel wounds, but those were not life threatening. The problem here is brain swelling, and again it’s very similar to an impact injury. And they’ve got to watch the brain swelling for the next few days.”

> On Sunday, once network officials learned that Woodruff and Vogt were stable and on their way to a military hospital in Germany, Robert Murphy, a senior vice president of the news division, was dispatched to meet them there,” the LAT notes.

> “One tough question to be asked, even as Woodruff fights for survival: Should he have been there reporting that story in the first place?,” David Bianculli writes. “There are two answers. Last year, even last month, when Woodruff was a correspondent, yes. But this month, since rising to co-anchor, I respectfully but strongly say the answer is no.”

> Woodruff’s former colleagues remember his work at WTVR in Richmond…