Woman Says ABC’s ‘NY Med’ Aired Husband’s Death Without Consent

By Mark Joyella 

20150102-ny-med-handout-inset-630According to a report published today by ProPublica, a woman says ABC’s “NY Med” showed the death of her husband without her consent:

On the TV screen, she saw the chief surgery resident Sebastian Schubl, responding to an emergency in which a man is hit by a vehicle.

“And then I see, even with the blurred picture, you could tell it was him,” she said. “You could hear his speech pattern. I hear my husband say, ‘Does my wife know I’m here?’.”

The woman, Anita Chanko, said she had not given consent to ABC or anyone to shoot or air her husband’s treatment (the scene was blurred, but Chanko argued her husband was identifiable).

ABC, which produces “NY Med” through the news division, did not dispute that to ProPublica, and argued in a court case filed by the family that the producers were protected by the First Amendment.