Wolf & Jack Finally See Eye To Eye

By Brian 

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Wolf Blitzer has tossed to Jack Cafferty several times a day since The Situation Room premiered in August, but they had never met in person, until yesterday. Here’s the transcript:

BLITZER: We’re in New York City and Jack Cafferty is in New York City. Jack, good to be with you. A lot of our viewers probably are going to be surprised to learn this is the first time the two of us have actually met.

CAFFERTY: I know, six months ago we started ago The Situation Room. It’s a pleasure to have you in New York City.

BLITZER: You’re much taller in person.

CAFFERTY: I’m actually the same size, whether I’m there or on T.V., but appear — you only see from here up.

BLITZER: I know, but you’re very tall.

CAFFERTY: Well, it’s six something, two, three.

BLITZER: You’re taller than I am.

CAFFERTY: Well, everybody’s taller than you are. You’re not very tall.