Wolf Blitzer Steals Space Heaters, And Other Assorted DC Media Madness

By Chris Ariens 

Tammy Haddad caught up with CNN’s Anderson Cooper yesterday who’s co-anchoring his first Inauguration. Cooper: “I spent 9 hours on the roof at the Newseum…and Wolf Blitzer steals all the heaters, this is a little known secret.”

• FishbowlNY’s Glynnis MacNicol went to the Morning Joe/Daily Beast brunch, and got a snapshot of Mika Brzezinski and a really big bottle of champagne. An insider tells TVNewser, “Mika’s dad [former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski] said it was fun, and since we are all afraid of him, that’s all that matters.”

• And, of course, FishbowlDC has plenty of party pictures.