Wolf Blitzer May Get 1 PM Timeslot

By Alex Weprin 

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer may be getting a new permanent timeslot on CNN. Blitzer has been filling in regularly during the 1-2 PM hour, and we hear that there is a good chance that this becomes a permanent development.

The impetus for the move is “Crossfire,” which will be returning this Fall in a timeslot still to be determined. Right now the opinion among a handful of CNN staffers is that “Crossfire” will air during the 6-7 PM hour, and if indeed that is where it ends up, Blitzer is expected to get 1-2 PM in addition to 5-6 PM, where “The Situation Room” currently airs.

That said, we also hear that when CNN president Jeff Zucker┬áspoke to DC staffers last week during a bureau meeting, he said that they had not made a final decision with regard to when “Crossfire” would air, so there is still a chance Blitzer will keep his two-hour afternoon block.

One thing is clear: wherever “Crossfire” ends up on CNN’s schedule, the shows around it will be shaken up in some form.