Window Returns, and a Shower Added for CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley

By Chris Ariens 

A few days after the New York Times‘s Brian Stelter revealed some changes to the office of the anchor of the “CBS Evening News,” the New York Post has its own item on the perks of being an anchorman.

Marking Scott Pelley’s six months in the chair, Stelter wrote:

For decades, the office of the “CBS Evening News” anchor has been situated up a short staircase from the newscast’s open newsroom and anchor set. But when Ms. Couric had the anchor job, between 2006 and 2011, visitors noticed that the wall of windows in the office had been covered up, leaving her without a view. It served as a handy metaphor for the disconnect between Ms. Couric and some of the CBS News staff.

Well on Sunday, Page Six reported that Pelley, “had exercise equipment and even a shower installed in his office at CBS on West 52nd Street. (Note to Page Six, CBS News is on West 57th, NOT West 52nd St.)

A CBS News source told the Post, “This is why the ‘CBS Evening News’ is in such good shape.”