Will Savannah and Hoda Do the Luge Together in Pyeongchang?

By Chris Ariens 

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are making the media rounds ahead of their coverage from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Kotb and Guthrie begin anchoring from South Korea Monday and new EP Libby Leist says there may be some stunt programming around the events. “We have producers on the ground who are scouting out locations for the two of them. We’re going to present them with the five craziest options,” Leist tells THR. Fortunately for everyone, it may not top the Matt LauerAl Roker luge in Sochi.

“That luge thing still leaves me emotionally scarred,” said Kotb. “We’re not going to be wearing spandex if I can help it,” added Guthrie.

Here’s a round-up of their pre-Olympics interviews:

  • The Hollywood Reporter on the double morning show shake-up last fall: “I saw Gayle [King] the week that it happened on our show,” said Guthrie. “It’s not something that any of us dwell on because it’s very personal and the feelings that everyone has are complex. It’s just not something that you sit around and gossip about. But we are huge supporters of Gayle and Norah [O’Donnell], and I think they’re our supporters, too. This is a competitive business, but we’re colleagues and we’re friends.”
  • USA Today on the ratings boost that happened after Lauer’s firing: “Everything about that whole situation was so unprecedented and so surprising,” said Guthrie. “The ratings were literally the last thing on our mind. I know all the golden-age history, the 15-year winning streak, but that was long gone by the time I came along. The fact that people stuck with us through what was a really heartfelt and heart-wrenching time makes us feel good.”
  • The AP on the chemistry that makes Guthrie and Kotb work: “It felt right,” Kotb said. “It’s like you go out on a date with someone and you click and you say, ‘do you want to do this again?’ And you’re like, ‘can we have breakfast every day?’ You just feel like something is right and that’s the way it was for me.”
  • Variety on covering the Olympics: “It may be one of the best experiences on earth,” says Kotb. “You know they’ve worked their whole lives, and the parents have helped drive it. It comes down to like, a minute and thirty seconds, and we get to sit with the folks that made it happen.”