Will Networks Be Happier With Debate #2?

By SteveK 

On the heels of the first Presidential primary debate streamed across all three major cable news networks yesterday, today brings the second debate following almost the same formula. (MSNBC has announced it will carry the Mitchell news conference live, and delay the debate an hour to 3pmET.)

Yesterday, moderator Carolyn Washburn stuck to her plans to keep answers short and cross-fighting to a minimum. Due to her strict rules, analysts almost universally panned the debate, using terms like “boring” and “lifeless.”

Today at 2pmET, it will be the Democrats’ turn. Only six candidates will take the stage, however, as somehow Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel did not qualify (and Alan Keyes did?!).

We’ll see if Washburn loosens up — and appeases the cable networks on which she’s being simulcast — or continues her tight leash.