Why NBC Newsers Are Rallying Around Tom Brokaw and Joy Reid … for Now

By Chris Ariens 

Two TV trades take a look at the external and internal trouble at NBC News over the last week, even as the cloud of the Matt Lauer investigation still looms.

First, THR’s Marisa Guthrie talks with some of the NBC Newsers who signed a letter of support about Tom Brokaw. Three women, at various points of his 50-year career, allege Brokaw made unwanted advances on them. Brokaw denies the accusations.

139 women signed the letter which did not dispute the claims made by former NBC News and Fox News anchor Linda Vester, but rather, expressed how Brokaw had “given each of us opportunities for advancement and championed our successes throughout our careers.”


“We all signed the letter knowing that more women could come forward. If more women come forward we’re going to revisit this,” one person told Guthrie. Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie and Kate Snow did not sign it as they are all covering the story, and the ongoing #metoo movement.

Second, MSNBC host Joy Reid‘s apology Saturday morning for homophobic remarks she’s alleged to have written in the past. Reid tried, but can’t, disprove she authored the blog posts. As Variety’s Brian Steinberg writes:

Reid’s candor is admirable, but last time we checked, MSNBC wasn’t a network dedicated to self-help or attitude rehabilitation. It’s in the news business. And the facts of what Joy Reid has or has not done remain murky, not clear.

MSNBC should still be interested in disseminating the facts of the situation that surrounds her – and all the TV-news networks should do the same when anchors lose their moorings.

This all comes as the investigation into fired Today show anchor Matt Lauer‘s behavior “is nearing its conclusion,” according to NBC News chairman Andy Lack. In a note to staff sent last Friday, Lack wrote, “we will have findings and further steps to share with you as soon as next week.”