Why FBN’s Maria Bartiromo Is Thankful to Be Home

By Brian Flood 

Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo has been all over the place lately, but now she’s happy to be home for Thanksgiving. The hectic month started with FBN’s GOP debate in Milwaukee and included stops in Palm Springs and Paris.

“It’s such an uncertain world and I’m sure a lot of people are feeling this right now. After what we saw in Paris and these new threats for Americans traveling abroad, that people are just happy to be home with their families on Thanksgiving. And be grateful for the freedoms that we have in this country,” Bartiromo said.

While the always health-conscious Bartiromo is looking forward to sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts on Thanksgiving, she admits it’s easy to throw judgement out the window in terms of what to eat on the road.

“Gearing up for the debate was, just, a lot. It required a lot of energy, a lot of time,” Bartiromo said. “After the debate was over, I went a little off the rails. When you travel, it’s hard to keep up on what you’re doing. I’ve been biking extra lately just to get back on track.”

FBN debate

She didn’t eat any cheese curds while in Wisconsin, so we have a feeling that Bartiromo’s version of “off the rails” differs from this humble TVNewser editor. “I saw a lot of cheese heads in the airport,” she said. “But it didn’t fit in my luggage.”

She headed off to Palm Springs the day after the debate, but not until she did her show live from Milwaukee. Once she arrived in California, her show was live at 3 a.m. because of the time difference.

“We had hair and makeup coming at 1 a.m. With all of the crazy hours, I went off the rails with chocolate, chips and bead… the whole nine yards,” Bartiromo said before explaining that she didn’t have time for a decent meal because of the hectic schedule.

Bartiromo finally made it home, but not for long. The day she arrived back in New York, tragic terror attacks were unfolding across the Atlantic.

“I got home Friday night — late. Saturday morning I got a call asking me to go to Paris,” Bartiromo said. “I left the next morning and I was in Paris two days.”

Bartiromo didn’t eat out for obvious reasons, sticking with room service while covering the tragedy of a city in mourning. What she witnessed in Paris has made her even more appreciative of what she has in New York.

“I’m going to be with my parents. I’m really grateful to be back in New York, at home with my parents and my husband. We’re going to have the traditional turkey dinner which I can’t wait to have.”

Bartiromo is very close with her family, telling us her mom is her “best friend” but her sister is her “second best friend.”