Why ESPN’s Stugotz Had His Head Shaved On Live TV

By Brian Flood 

The Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz airs on both ESPNU (sometimes ESPNews) and Fusion every weekday, but today’s episode was extra special. Jon “Stugotz” Weiner recently lost a bet to Mike & Mike co-host Mike Golic that he couldn’t consume 36 mini powered donuts in under an hour… a feat that the former NFL defensive lineman had no problem conquering. Golic actually finished all 36 donuts in roughly 10 minutes. So, today Stugotz had to pay up by shaving his head on live TV.

Check out a timeline of the wager that resulted in Stugotz rocking the Mr. Clean look:

Stugotz, who is clearly a good sport, recently had to dress up as Food Network star Guy Fieri, because of a different wager:

Weiner - Guy