Why Does Every ‘Cane Seem The Same?

By Brian 

In a Newsweek web exclusive, Marc Peyser complains about hurricane whores and television’s “shallow, repetitive presentation” of storms.

Like the stripes on a zebra, every storm is unique. So why is it that all the storm coverage looks the same?,” he asks. “In every storm your intrepid reporter will be standing outside in some nifty-looking rain slicker getting pelted in the face and knocked around in the wind. They’ll probably offer a few insights — comparing how wet they are right now versus 11 minutes ago or, if they’re really good, telling you what direction the wind is coming from. But no matter how long you watch, you’ll really only learn one thing. It rains during a hurricane. A lot — though not enough to obscure the network’s logo on the rain slicker.”

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