Why 60 Minutes Chose to Show Graphic Footage of Sarin Attack

By Chris Ariens 

Not only is Scott Pelley‘s 60 Minutes report on a deadly sarin attack in Syria being honored with a duPont Award, a digital-only feature about the story remains the most-viewed ever for the series.

60 Minutes Overtime, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the broadcast’s stories are produced, sat down with Pelley to talk about the decision to broadcast the horrific footage. “You can read about that all day, but if you don’t see it, I don’t believe the impact truly hits you,” said Pelley. The Overtime piece remains the most-viewed feature ever for 60 Minutes Overtime. It’s been shared more than 28,000 times on Facebook.

This is the 47th duPont for CBS News, the 16th for 60 Minutes and the third for Pelley. The duPont Awards, considered the highest honor in electronic journalism, will be presented next month at Columbia University. Here’s the Overtime story.