Who’s Leading the TVNewser Katie Couric Poll?

By Chris Ariens 

She may be on vacation, but Katie Couric is not letting her Twitter followers down as she’s been keeping up with her daily #WOTD Tweet. On Monday, as speculation heightened that Couric would be leaving the Evening News when her contract expires in a couple months, we put up a poll asking: Who should be the next Evening News anchor? The poll is still open so feel free to vote if you haven’t already.

  • Who’s in the lead? And what about the “other” write-ins?


NBC’s Lester Holt, who anchors Weekend Today and Weekend Nightly News is leading the the pack with 28% of the vote. The next highest vote getter is “other.” And among the others you’ve written in: former CBS “Early Show” anchor Harry Smith, who is Couric’s primary fill-in (though not this week) is on top. Other names submitted include FNC’s Megyn Kelly, ABC’s David Muir CNN’s Anderson Cooper and FNC’s Shepard Smith.