Who’s Been Messing with Terry Moran’s Wikipedia Page?

By Molly Stark Dean 

It’s ABC News anchor Terry Moran’s birthday today. But if you check out his Wikipedia page, you might be mislead on his age. Moran, who chatted with TVNewser today — he’s got the day off — says he’s turning 51 today. His Wiki has the “Nightline” co-co-anchor at 50. ” Somebody has misstated my birthday,” he tells us. “I think my nieces and nephews changed it.” And it’s not the first time.

At one point, his nieces and nephews even found an actor with the same name and posted that Moran had appeared in a movie. Moran says he’s just “never taken the time to change it.”

“The lesson is not to rely heavily on Wikipedia,” says Moran, who is also ABC’s Supreme Court correspondent. Moran tells us he’s heading for a reporting trip to Israel this weekend.

And as we were talking to Moran, Nightline’s ratings hit our inbox:

Season-to-date, the program still still in first place among Total Viewers as well as both younger demos, A25-54 and A18-49. And for last week:

Show Network Total Viewers A25-54 A18-49
Tonight Show NBC 4.08M 1.64M 1.31M
Nightline ABC 3.80M 1.55M 1.15M
Late Show CBS 3.15M 1.44M 1.11M