Who Will Play Dan Rather In The Movie Adaptation of “Rathergate?”

By SteveK 

Another motion picture featuring inside details of a CBS News story could soon hit the big screen. The New York Observer’s Felix Gillette reports a producer and screenwriter are at work on the film adaptation of Mary Mapes’ 2005 book about the 60 Minutes II report which devolved into Rathergate.

Sources tell Gillette that producer Mikkel Bondesen is “actively working” on the adaptation of “Truth and Duty” with screenwriter James Vanderbilt.

This could mark the second time a 60 Minutes story has, itself, become the centerpiece of a motion picture; the first being the the Academy Award-nominated, “The Insider,” in 1999.

So who would play Rather? We ran his headshot in MyHeritage’s face recognition program. Click continued to see the results…

The results showed Anthony Hopkins as the top choice:

And Gavin Rossdale for the flashback scenes.

Or maybe he’d play himself — he’s already a TV star.

What do you think?