Who Cut CNN’s Cable at Donald Trump’s Newser?

By Mark Joyella 

Did someone sabotage CNN’s live feed from Friday’s big story–the endorsement of Donald Trump by former candidate Chris Christie?

If you watched the news conference live on Fox News, or streaming on CBSN, you saw a clear shot. But on CNN and MSNBC, the signal was so distorted (picture, above) both networks opted to use still images or file video, showing the actual news conference only for brief periods–and often in a very small box.

“We want to apologize for the technical difficulties,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer explained afterwards. “You could hear Donald Trump and Chris Christie well. We did have some problems with the video.”


Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi said via Twitter “(it) appears someone tampered with MSNBC and CNN cable runs. CNN cable between truck and fiber box was cut, cable shredded, I’m told.”

Sources tell TVNewser while it’s believed CNN’s cable was damaged, MSNBC’s was not. “It was a technical issue,” a source said.