White House Correspondents’ Dinner Leftovers

By Chris Ariens 

If you were busy watching “Dateline” or “48 Hours” Saturday night, and missed the 2014 White House Correspondents Association dinner, we’ve got a few highlights. Here’s the video shown during the dinner of the VP and the Veep, Joe Biden and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, with acknowledgements of David Gregory and Chuck Todd.

The WHCA also commissioned a video to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the organization, produced, appropriately, by the History Channel with a voiceover from ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

And for dessert, John Oliver has his take on the night, as seen on last night’s “Last Week Tonight.”

“The main purpose of the evening,” Oliver says, “seems to be providing photos of glamorous celebrities completely unaware of who they are standing next to.” WATCH:

And finally, former Politico and FishbowlDC Editor Patrick Gavin, who is producing a documentary on the dinner delivered an essay on “CBS Sunday Morning” yesterday. Speaking of FishbowlDC, here’s editor Nick Massella‘s photo roundup