Which Network Has Covered Donald Trump the Most?

By Chris Ariens 

Andrew Tyndall is out with his weekly evening news scorecard, which, perhaps not surprisingly, is topped by Donald Trump.

According to the Tyndall Report, Trump was given the most airtime of any story last week with a combined 30 minutes. The story of Sandra Bland, the Texas inmate found hanged, was given 23 minutes. Trump was the lead story last Monday on NBC Nightly News and the CBS Evening News. Trump also led Nightly on Tuesday. His other finds:

Coverage of Donald Trump now accounts for more than half of Campaign 2016 coverage on all three newscasts combined (60 minutes out of 114 — 52%)

NBC continues to cover Trump much more heavily than its two rivals, both in absolute time (35 mins vs CBS 16, ABC 8) and in proportion of Campaign 2016 coverage (62% vs CBS 53%, ABC 31%)

NBC is the overall leader in Campaign 2016 coverage of all types (56 mins vs CBS 31, ABC 27) yet its emphasis on Trump has not been at the expense of other aspects of the campaign. The three newscasts are closer to parity in total time for non-Trump-related campaign stories (NBC 21 mins vs CBS 15, ABC 19)