Which Financial Reporter Shops at Sam’s Club?

By Alex Weprin 

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Westchester County newspaper The Journal News profiled a certain anchor on one of the financial news channels, who is also a county resident.

The anchor in question gave some practical advice on how to save cash in the county:

1. Buy in bulk. “I shop at Sam’s (Club).”

2. Eat what you grow. “We are big cooks and love using fresh herbs, spices and tomatoes, so I set aside some space in the backyard every year for that.”

3. Take advantage of public golf courses. “We play at the county courses, which are far, far easier and cheaper.”

4. Consider alternative commuting strategies. “I don’t drive (into the city). I take the train because it’s simpler, I can use the time to study, and it’s cheaper.”

5. Remind yourself that the best things in life are free. “David (her husband) rides his bike along the reservoir in Croton.”

Who is it? Find out after the jump.

The profile is of Hartsdale resident and Fox Business Network anchor Gerri Willis, who continues her media tour by describing why she left New York City for the suburbs.

“I was just dying to have a house,” she says while sitting in her living room. “We lived in apartments our entire married life in the city, all over town – Upper West Side, TriBeCa, everywhere – I just really wanted to plant tomatoes. It’s an expensive way to do that, but I have tomato plants out back right now.”