Where’s Anderson?

By Brian 

Wasn’t Anderson Cooper supposed to anchor 360 from Los Angeles last night? CNN issued a press release about his West Coast tour last week, and it said “starting on Monday, June 12 in Los Angeles, anchor Anderson Cooper and his crew will explore the hotly contested debates over bilingual education and illegal immigration as well as a look at the city’s commuting and traffic difficulties.”

But John Roberts was in the anchor chair last night. Meanwhile, CNN.com promises Anderson will be there tonight: “Live from Los Angeles, Anderson kicks off his West Coast tour. Keeping them honest on immigration, high-speed chases and more.” Somehow I don’t think “keeping them honest” was designed for car chase segments…

> Update: 2:43pm: “Anderson had a long-scheduled book signing at 7 PM in LA last night,” a reader says. Here’s a blog report from a fan who was there…