When We Say ‘Death to America’ We Don’t Mean the People

By Brian Flood 

ABC News chief global affairs correspondentĀ Martha Raddatz is in Iran as the country marks theĀ 36th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. Raddatz has reported from Iran before, but this is the first time since the fiery former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left office.

“I have not been here since Rouhani became president and it is a noticeable difference in people’s willingness to talk,” Raddatz told TVNewser. “One man we talked to said, ‘You know when we say ‘death to America’ we don’t mean the people.”

Raddatz will be reporting from Tehran, the political capital, and Qom, the country’s religious capital. It is the center of Shia Islam, where the revolution began and where Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile in 1979.

Raddatz evens plans to go skiing while in Iran, to show the parts of the country that reporters don’t typically cover.