When the Newsman Becomes the News

By Chris Ariens 

Bill O’Reilly has become a story on most cable news networks, just not his own.

CNN, CNBC, HLN, MSNBC, Bloomberg are all reporting on O’Reilly’s impending departure from Fox News. New York Magazine’s Gabe Sherman, who is an MSNBC contributor, called into the network just before Noon ET. “Within the last 24 hours the decision has been made that O’Reilly has to go,” Sherman reported. “They are entering severance talks.”

Sherman said “the turning point” came when 21st Century Fox co-chairman Lachlan Murdoch, who had been inclined to side with his father, Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch, in keeping O’Reilly, “has shifted and felt also that O’Reilly needs to go.”

According to a TVEyes search, local stations from WLS in Chicago, to WLOS in Greenville, SC are reporting on O’Reilly’s fate today.

Meanwhile, O’Reilly is in the news in Italy, where he is vacationing. The Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano snapped this picture of O’Reilly meeting Pope Francis during his regular Wednesday audience in St. Peter’s Square.

Fox News is used to being in the headlines; from Megyn Kelly‘s time in candidate Donald Trump‘s crosshairs, to the stunning and swift departure of network co-founder and CEO Roger Ailes last summer.