WHCAD: Colbert “Squelched” By Media?

By Brian 

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“Would you consider writing about the near-total MSM blackout on Colbert/WHCA coverage?,” an e-mailer asks this afternoon. “It was one of the most astonishing moments in political culture in decades, and it’s basically been squelched in the mainstream because the mainstream was his target… I watched Colbert live on C-SPAN and I was in shock, just frozen to the floor — it was astonishing — yet the only MSM coverage is of the president’s goofy nightclub routine with a buddy impersonator. What’s going on?”

A second person writes: “It seems to me the guests couldn’t take the criticism (one of the most “uncomfortably quiet WHCDs”) because it hit too close to the bone, not because it wasn’t funny. To me, it was hilarious!”

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> Update: 6:34pm: Salon D.C. correspondent Michael Scherer says: “It’s not just that Colbert’s jokes were hitting their mark. We already know that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that the generals hate Rumsfeld, or that Fox News lists to the right. Those cracks are old and boring. What Colbert did was expose the whole official, patriotic, right-wing, press-bashing discourse as a sham, as more “truthiness” than truth.”