“What’s On Brian Williams’ iPod?”

By Brian 

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Because you’ve always wanted to know, the Philadelphia Magazine asks the NBC Nightly News anchor about his music preferences:

 EI: What’s on Brian Williams’s iPod?

BW: A lot of stuff my son and daughter have purchased, a lot of my own. No jazz. It’s all rock music.

EI: Are you at the parenting stage where you’re telling your kids that today’s music is crap?

BW: Oh no, no. I’ve got Gusher [sic]. I’ve got Nelly and Ludacris, I’ve got some Shins. What’s interesting is they got into R.E.M. and U2 from me, and that’s cool.

EI: So when your newscast starts, it’s quite possible you were listening to some Usher or Ludacris just moments before.

BW: It is possible.

There are lots more questions where those came from. (Via Romenesko)