What’s Kaplan Doing In His First Week?

By Brian 

After three days with Rick Kaplan at the helm:

“Really interesting CBS Evening News tonight,” a tipster said on Wednesday. “A few changes: (1) No ‘CBS News In Focus,’ which has been a feature for a few weeks now; (2) a VERY ‘fact-heavy’ broadcast — very frequent use of statistics on graphics; (3) a series (though not framed in the ‘in focus’ theme of late) on colon cancer — Katie’s big cause. The new producer must be at work…”

> Update: 8:50am: “I agree with the changes on the CBS News,” a second e-mailer says. “There is a noticeable change in pace and last night’s broadcast was the best I’ve seen since Katie has been there. They covered a wide range of stories, were very fact heavy, and they moved nicely from story to story with out any long boring soft features. Even the colon cancer part was heavy on statistical information. Very nice broadcast.”

> Update: 9:10am: “Beware of Kaplan hype. Rome Hartman was producing a good show,” an e-mailer responds…