What Zucker Told Couric…

By Brian 

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September’s Details features a Q&A with NBC head honcho Jeff Zucker. Here’s an excerpt:

  Q: You used to be Katie Couric‘s producer at Today. You’re friends. What did you say when she told you she wanted to jump ship to CBS?

A: I told her that I understood the desire to leave the morning grind, but I also told her that I thought I’d never have a job as fun as the Today show and I thought that she would miss it incredibly as well, and that it was the greatest use of her talent. But you know, we would never stand in the way of where her heart was.

Q: Is it true you’re being groomed to succeed Bob Wright as head of NBC Universal?

A: I have no idea, and I don’t worry about it. I’m just trying to make sure that the television group succeeds. And everything else takes care of itself. It’s not what I think about.