What Should ‘World News Tonight’ Become?

By Brian 

“There’s much talk of whom ABC News will pick to succeed the late Peter Jennings as evening news anchor, with the latest speculation that Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas will be named as co-anchors,” Media Life Magazine says. “But the more critical question is what World News Tonight should become.”

The mag says “the best course for ABC would seem to be continuing with its strong international presence, focusing on stories about Iraq, al-Qaeda and Afghanistan these days. News analysts believe that would give it some measure of consistency during a time of change for the newscast.”

Also: “Perhaps equally important to the newscast beyond maintaining its international focus is to build up its web presence, which will attract younger viewers. In fact, Tyndall Report publisher Andrew Tyndall thinks that should be ABC’s main focus. ‘Of all the things they can do, that’s the important thing,’ he says.”