“What Happens When The Worlds Of Bill O’Reilly & Bart Simpson Collide?”

By Brian 

What happens when the worlds of Bill O’Reilly and Bart Simpson collide? Fox viewers around the country are about to find out,” Michael Learmonth writes in a must-read Variety preview titled “Jolly Roger’s grand plan.” Highlights:

> “The centerpiece of Fox-under-Ailes will be expanded local news.”

> “Local news editors, producers and on-air talent have been flown to New York for intense two-day training sessions to help local news personalities abandon dry anchor-speak and adopt a more Foxian barstool conversational style.”

> “The Fox 24-hour news operation is re-tooling to become a network-style engine for new national news programs starting with Rivera’s syndicated show, but that’s just the beginning.”

> “Abernethy says he plans to help seed the local news operations with the whiz-bang production values that are the hallmark of Fox News.”

> “Other national programming initiatives include a primetime skein, ‘Crime Time,’ and a 9 a.m. talker in development that would replace the hodgepodge of syndicated shows airing on Fox stations.”