“What Fox Is Trying To Do To Kiran Simply Isn’t Fair,” Tipster Responds

By Brian 

Kiran Chetry wanted Gretchen Carlson fired, a source alleged this morning. But a tipster close to Chetry completely denies that.

“What Fox is trying to do to Kiran simply isn’t fair,” the tipster says. “For them to insist that Kiran would have ever, ever asked that anyone be fired or replaced, just simply is not true.”

“Things had been promised to her in the past,” the tipster adds. “She had asked for some clarity as it related to a couple different things… and they were not willing to give her clarity.”

> Update: 4:09pm: An FNC executive responds: “Tell Kiran to check with her agent, who made this outrageous demand claiming it was on her behalf.”

“Not only did her agent want it written into her new deal that Gretchen would be fired, they wanted the exact date specified,” the exec adds.

“Of course they are backpedaling now. They had no idea we would cut her loose like we did. Her agent tried to play hard ball and lost.”