What Does Desperation Breed? Crying

By Brian 

If all else fails, cry?

An interesting back-and-forth happened today when CBS News flew a Florida cop to New York City for a 48 Hours Mystery exclusive interview.

The police officer cracked a cold case about a murder in Florida. NBC’s Dateline apparently wanted an interview too, but the officer had agreed to tell his story to 48 Hours.

“The Dateline folks found out he was here so they’ve been bombarding him with calls,” a CBS insider tells TVNewser.

“A producer called him, unbelievably upset, and said ‘I’m going to lose my job if I don’t get this interview.'” It got worse: “A bit later, an associate producer called the cop’s wife and began weeping on the phone, saying she would lose her job too. She was begging the wife to convince her husband to play ball with Dateline.”

The cop was obviously a little frazzled by the calls, but he’s going forward with the 48 Hours interview…