What Did That “Nauseated Onlooker” Really See?

By SteveK 

A short item in Monday’s Rush & Malloy gossip column in the New York Daily News focused on FNC anchor Bill O’Reilly‘s gym habits. The hit piece quotes a “nauseated onlooker” as the source of the report:

Bill O’Reilly is causing yet another stink, but this time it’s in the gym. The Faux-news man has relied on one of his minions to wipe the sweat off exercise equipment after he’s done. “It was really disgusting,” said a nauseated onlooker. “The poor kid followed him around, just sopping up O’Reilly’s body fluids.”

One small problem with the item — O’Reilly’s no Anderson Cooper when it comes to working out. O’Reilly says he “does not belong to a gym,” nor “own gym equipment.” An FNC spokesperson confirms that he doesn’t go to the company gym, either.

On his show Monday night O’Reilly called out the misreporting of Rush & Malloy. Click continued to see the strongly-worded response…