‘We’re Irish. It’s Complicated’

By Mark Joyella 

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At the end of The Kelly File Thursday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly tossed to Sean Hannity, adding “my friend.”

Afterwards, Kelly shared a photo on Twitter of herself and Hannity together, smiling, with the caption “we’re Irish. It’s complicated” and the hashtag #friends. Hannity followed with his own version of the very same tweet.

The smiles come after a day of widespread attention to what appeared to be a rift inside Fox News, after Kelly mentioned Hannity in a segment on Donald Trump Wednesday night—saying Trump avoids tough interviews in favor of the “safe” surroundings of Hannity’s show.

Hannity took to Twitter to respond, accusing Kelly of backing Hillary Clinton. “Clearly you support her,” Hannity said, raising the issue of bias for one of Fox News’ star political journalists—co-anchor of election night coverage and, earlier this year, moderator of Fox-hosted GOP debates.

Fox News declined to comment on the back-and-forth between two of their biggest prime-time hosts, and it’s not known who made the gesture to pose for the photo, which appears to have been taken in Kelly’s studio.

Was it a corporate mandate to make up? Hannity says no: