We’re “In The First Inning” Of A Revolution In News Delivery

By Brian 

Network news divisions are confronting “a wholesale revolution in the very delivery of news and information,” Matea Gold writes in today’s Los Angeles Times. “The advancements of the Internet and wireless devices have made the concept of a 6:30 evening newscast appear quaint. And the rapidly progressing technology suggests that more new forms of media are on the horizon — and what seems fresh out of the box in December 2005 may be old hat by December 2006.”

“I actually think we’re still in the first inning,” said Jeff Zucker, president of the NBC Universal Television Group. “The changes are coming fast and furious, but I think it’s going to evolve so much more over the next five years. Organizations that have been set up to deliver news and information in a very specific manner for the last 50 years need to evolve and need to evolve quickly.” Here’s the rest of the story…

> Also: “News has turned into a loop,” said Larry Kramer, president of CBS Digital Media. “You no longer publish a story and you’re done. A news story is posted or viewed, and it’s the beginning of the process.”