“Well, Stephen, He’s An Idiot”

By Brian 

I finally downloaded the Tuesday night edition of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, with guest Keith Olbermann. You may have already read about this, but here are some highlights, since I’m sure it will be referenced by someone at some point..

 COLBERT: Why do you have a problem with my hero, papa bear Bill O’Reilly? You guys have been going at it, hammer and tongs.

OLBERMANN: Well Stephen, he’s an idiot.

COLBERT: You say that like it’s a bad thing. I think he sees the world simply, okay? Without all your complicated facts.

Did i nail ya?

OLBERMANN: We’re both saying the same thing, he’s an idiot! So, yes, I agree with you, yes.

A great laugh line came a moment later:

 COLBERT: …The only thing that is not inconsistent [with O’Reilly] is the only thing that matters: that he feels he’s right…do you sometimes think you’re wrong? Have you ever said, I might have been wrong on this?


COLBERT: Then why should i listen to you? You’re sometimes wrong!

OLBERMANN: Ahhhh, I see.

COLBERT: How can I trust — you didn’t know you were wrong at the time. How can I know that you’re that you’re right this time? I…I…you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

OLBERMANN: I just, I just, I misread that day the list of instructions that I get every morning at 9 a.m. from Hillary Clinton, and I just screwed it up, that’s the problem.

To be fair, NewsBusters didn’t think it was very funny…